Unveiling the Power of Your Voice in Mental Health

We’re more than just a bridge between mental health and media; we’re your unwavering ally in a digital world that often overlooks the nuanced tapestry of mental wellness. Dive deep with us as we transcend the conventional, paving the way for a revolution in how mental health is portrayed and discussed.

Our Mission

Our Crusade: Reframing Mental Health Narratives

Picture a realm where every article, video, or social post you craft as a mental health clinician transforms into a beacon of insight and connection. That’s the heartbeat of our mission at Mentally Balanced Media. With a collective commitment to authenticity, we are on a quest to ensure that every mental health story told in media is a tapestry of truth, balance, and respect.

Our Vision

Envisioning a Stigma-Free Horizon

Dream with us. Envision a world where media is stripped of stigmatizing shadows, blossoming instead into a sanctuary of authentic narratives that uplift and enlighten. We see a future where your voice as a mental health professional is not just heard but felt, echoing through channels of influence and instilling empowerment.

What We do

Crafting Your Legacy in Mental Health

Your journey is unique, and your voice is invaluable. Whether you’re a solo practitioner weaving wisdom through limited content, a medium-sized clinic bursting with weekly insights, or a vast institution rich with daily stories and research, we’re here to amplify your impact.


For the Solo Visionaries

Running a private practice?
We see you, the one-person powerhouse. Your content, no matter how limited, is a gem waiting to shine across multiple platforms. Let’s take that golden piece of content and turn it into a monthly magnet of engagement.


For the Collaborative Changemakers

At the heart of a medium-sized clinic?
Your team’s synergy is a goldmine. Blogs, videos, webinars – you name it, we’ll transform it. Share your weekly wisdom and let it ripple out, touching lives and forging connections.


For the Institutional Pioneers

Part of a grand institution?
Your reach is boundless, your insights invaluable. Patient stories, research updates, daily wisdom – let’s broadcast them loud and clear, painting a canvas of authenticity across the media landscape.

Turning Passion into Action

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Consultation & Training:

Tailor-made strategies to turn your practice’s voice into a symphony of influence across media platforms.

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Content Development & Repurposing:

Transforming your existing treasures of content into diverse formats that resonate and engage.

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Media Representation Advocacy:

Standing strong with producers, writers, and directors, we champion for genuine and respectful mental health narratives.

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Collaborations & Partnerships:

Crafting bridges between you, the heart of mental health, and the vibrant world of media, fostering powerful collaborations and partnerships.

Meet Our Founder – Selina Parker

Selina Parker is the visionary behind Mentally Balanced Media. With a B.A. in Psychology, an M.A. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, and training in Media Psychology, Traditional/Classical Media, and New Media, Selina has an extensive background that bridges the gap between mental health and media. She is a Certified Life Coach, Integrative Nutrition Coach, and Agile Coach. Her passion for mental health advocacy and media led her to establish Mentally Balanced Media.

As an author, her book, “The Mental Health’s Clinician Guide to Content Repurposing,” has been an invaluable resource for mental health professionals looking to extend their reach through media platforms.

In addition to leading Mentally Balanced Media, Selina is a highly sought-after consultant for media and entertainment startups, guiding them in creating content that is mindful and empowering.

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Join Our Movement

Join us at Mentally Balanced Media, and let’s turn the page together, crafting a future where every mental health clinician’s voice is not just heard, but resonates deeply, creating waves of change and connection.

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